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Mail In Service

This service is no longer available for the HTC m7 due to tooling failures

We will be traveling from June 19th to July 4th, no phones will be serviced during this time.

We now offer manual unlock/s-off/twrp/root service for all HTC phones, on all firmware versions with the exception of HTC U / HTC Ultra. We STRONGLY encourage you first try with our app here, if the app does not then you can order our mail in service below.


We guarantee we can s-off/unlock and if available flash twrp/supersu to your phone, in the event we can not we will refund all costs, and pay your shipping fees.


You are responsible for shipping the device to our office, we ship return USPS Priority, which is 1 to 3 day service. We do offer the option of insured shipping, if you wish to have insurance please select this option. You and USPS are solely responsible for lost or damaged shipments, we take great care to pack your phones in a safe, cushioned and water resistant way. If the return address IS NOT in the United State, please contact us prior to purchasing this service.


Place your order below, selecting your desired shipping options. If you have custom requests (such as not flashing twrp/supersu) please include them in your package as a note. After placing your order, you will receive instructions via email.

HTC U/HTC Ultra is NOT supported via mail in service, do not buy this service for those phones.

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Embargoed Countries
Streamlined Mobile Solutions LLC is a US company, we must follow US laws. Sadly this means if an embargo exists between your country and our's, we simply can not do business with you no matter how much we want to. Please do not make a request if you know such an embargo exists.